• WE ARE: Organic. Local. Fresh. Sustainable.


    Grown Here Farms is on a mission. To inspire and reconnect you with your food, your community, and to honour our planet.


    Grown Here Farms embodies a wholesome, sustainable lifestyle in every stage of our cultivation practice. Raised from honest beginnings, we believe in growing delicious products naturally, using only what mother nature gave us to grow our vegetables, microgreens, preserves, and teas.


    Conceived from a desire to get back to our roots, Grown Here Farms is proud to make positive impacts on the environment by growing fresh, wholesome food that reflects a conscious lifestyle. We don’t partake in conventional agricultural practices. No pesticides, no chemicals; our products are planted biologically in the soil and grown in natural sunlight and water collected from our rooftop.


    Best of all, we are building our business sustainably, working towards a Net-Zero Carbon Footprint from seed-to-sale, as well as a business model of Planet – People – Profit, an ethical, triple bottom line that focuses on remaining accountable for our community and environment. For quality, fresh, organic food that comes from conscious hands and honest beginnings, for a healthier lifestyle that makes a difference.

    We have one planet. Which is why our products are raised with care, cultivated with love, grown here.



    Krystine McInnes

    Founder + CEO

    Krystine, CEO of Grown Here Farms, founded our company on 5 simple concepts: Fresh, Local, Organic, Zero Carbon Footprint, and Flavour. It’s from this foundation that Krystine leads Grown Here Farms, striving to make as big an impact by leaving behind as small a footprint as possible.


    Through her innovation, leadership, relentless commitment and desire for positive change, Krystine has a demonstrated track record of success leading her teams, inspiring passion and pushing for strategic execution within Grown Here Farms.


    With over a decade of experience, Krystine leverages her expertise to expand the company from the seeds of our first 2 farms in 2015, with the goal of having Grown Here Farms be a recognizable global brand, with multiple locations servicing regional food economies, that encompass positive, local, sustainable growth for our communities.

    Jenn Lowther

    Co-Founder & VP Product Development

    Jenn is responsible for new product line development and marketing of Grown Here Farms, and has been integral for the optimization of our sustainable success.


    With a decade of award-winning experience, Jenn is able to define clear objectives to gain and maximize profitability, perfecting scalable, efficient strategies to make those directives achievable.


    As Co-Founder of Grown Here Farms, Jenn is invested in the development of the company’s core competencies, ensuring industry-leading strategies are successfully implemented for optimal results, all while maintaining the foundation of the brand: local, fresh, organic products that preserve the planet, people, and profit without compromising one for the other.


    Lei Qi

    Farm Manager

    Deb Mackay

    Lead Grower

    Don Guthro

    Executive Chef

    Kirsten Barkved

    Marketing Manager

    Pamela Groberman


    Bruno Tessier

    'Papa Smurf'

    Baxter 'BAX'

    Chief Produce Inspector

  • Joni's Journey

    My mom, Joni, knew the secret to a great jelly was fresh ingredients and lots of love. Every Christmas, she would spend hours making delicious pepper jelly for my family.


    In 2016, my mom lost her battle with ALS. Our preserves line is dedicated to her memory and keeping her tradition alive. With this in mind, we are donating partial proceeds from each jar of our preserves to the ALS Society of BC.


    - Jenn


    We believe that social and environmental responsibility should be the foundation of every organization. That’s why we founded Grown Here Farms on 4 simple, sustainable concepts to form our philosophy.


    Our products are grown sustainably and hand-raised with care by small lot farmers. There is never any questioning where your food came from. From seed to sale, farm to table, every item from Grown Here Farms reflects wholesome, fresh ingredients.


    At Grown Here Farms, the word “organic” is not just a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle. Our products are all grown in a way that promotes the sustainable health of our planet. We are a certified organic farm that believes in maintaining an environmental and social responsibility to the environment, our community, and ourselves. We have one body and one planet that we all call home. Let’s make sure we take care of it.


    Everyone leaves a footprint. It’s unavoidable. But everyone can help reduce the weight of their steps, whether as individuals, a community, or business. At Grown Here Farms, sustainable business is more than a bottom line: it’s about contributing to balance. We incorporate a business model that embodies regionalized production and globalized distribution. It means we team with small, family run farms that practice sustainability, and distribute products as sustainably as possible to help support local farms while maintaining our responsibility to our planet.


    Our range of organic products are fresh and organic; you can taste the difference in every bite. We don’t take part in traditional agricultural practices, which means you get fresh food with a well-rounded flavour profile, one that isn’t altered using pesticides or chemicals. You eat wholesome food that contains zero additives, leaves you feeling good, connected, and like you made an impact.

    Certified Organic by:

    PACS #16-769

    Certified Organic by:


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