Certified Organic Umpqua CBD Flower - 9.23%

Certified Organic Umpqua CBD Flower - 9.23%

1 Kilogram

Our 2021 season crop has been destemmed and processed to a rough finish level, stored in food grade lined bins. COAs showing a fresh, dry and maintained product with great terpene profile and optimal CBD levels.


Kept in a GPP facility with Food Safe for Canadians certification at proper temperatures, ventilation and turned frequently to ensure product quality.  Product may be purchased milled or unmilled.


1500 kg available for purchase.


Contact us for details and pricing, must provide Health Canada authorization to purchase Industrial Hemp.

  • Licensing Info

    All industrial hemp sales are registered and processed through Athena Farm Holdings Ltd, LIC-XEQJFE666E-2021. orders@grownherefarms.com. 778-300-6566